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Discovery Volcano Kit



The Discovery Kids Volcano Kit is a highly educational kit that combines chemistry, physics and science into one cool exploding volcano, plus kids needs to use their creative skills to initially paint the volcano to look like the real thing following the included instructions. All Discovery Kids kits are safety tested and the Discovery Kids Volcano Kit has been safety tested for kids over the age of 10 years old.

Features :

  • The Discovery Kids Volcano Kit contains everything your child will need to create then erupt their own volcano.
  • The dome base is completed with plaster and paint to look just like a real volcano.
  • Kids then add an eruption tube and using baking soda and water erupt their volcano, which can be done multiple times.
  • Kids can add gravel and red food colouring to make their eruptions even more realistic.
  • All items are included, all your child will need is there love of science and learning.

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Price: $69.99 Each

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