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Bakugan Baku Storage Case


Description: Bakugan, Baku-storage Case for Bakugan Collectible Creature Assortments, Tons to Collect!

Take your brawlin’ on the go with the Baku-storage Case! Inside, you’ll find room for everything you need to brawl on the go! You can even unbox and play right away. Open up your Storage Case and you’ll find a Dragonoid Bakugan, two BakuCores and one Character Card already inside! With room for up to 14 Bakugan, 12 BakuCores and a 40-card deck, it’s easy to pack up your collection and trade and battle your friends! Fill up two Storage Cases and you can stack and attach them to each other. With a full team of Bakugan at your fingertips it’s time to BAKUGAN BRAWL!

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Price: $24.99 Each

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