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Crayola Pip-squeaks Markers 16 Pack

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About 16 Washable Pip Squeaks Markers

Sixteen Pip-Squeaks snuggled in a pack, Teensy Teal, Tiny Plum... Toy Poodle Black. Sixteen shades make the world less duller, hip hip hooray! Small size - BIG COLOR!
Pip-Squeaks Washable Non-toxic Markers are bold and rich in color. The strong reinforced nibs won't push in and best of all the markers can be rejuvenated by dipping in room temperature water if the cap is accidentally left off. The cap is also ventilated to prevent asphyxiation. Crayola's washable ink is specially formulated to wash off machine washable clothing. It also washes off walls, carpet and furniture with warm water and a sponge because not everything your child makes is a keeper! Small size BIG in color. Includes 16 Pip-Squeaks Markers.
Age 6+

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