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The Sketch-A-Graph is a classic creative and educational toy that is ideal for school projects, art ideas and all types of craft!

This sensational sketcher allows you to enlarge, reduce or copy from any original picture you wish. Whether it be a photo, cartoon image or map, the Sketch-A-Graph makes your job a breeze.

To enlarge using your Sketch-A-Graph simply place a pencil in the holder marked ‘C’, tracing pointer in ‘B’ and pivot in ‘A’, hold the pencil and guide the pointer over a picture of your choice – it’s that easy! To reduce your picture, simply swap the pencil and pointer around for the opposite effect!

But that’s not all this handy gadget does. It also makes copying exact sized images super easy – just swap ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ around once again! You can even change the scale of your reproductions following the step-by-step instructions on the box!

With over 8 million sold worldwide, the this scientific drawing instrument is made by the popular games guys Crown and Andrews was invented in Australia – so you know you’re getting a great quality product!

The perfect solution to all your artsy needs, the Sketch-A-Graph can even be changed to suit a left-hander – they’ve thought of everything!

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