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Baby Born My Little Potty Training Doll



“Mummy, I need the toilet!” – “Quick, on the potty!” With My Little BABY born® Potty Training, using the potty becomes child's play. The doll with the waterproof body brings her own potty with her. She loves drinking water from her bottle. And of course: she has hardly begun to drink and already she needs the toilet. Just sit her on the potty, press her adorable tummy button and off she goes.
My Little BABY born® Potty Training loves spending time on her potty, especially wearing her bathrobe. That way, she stays nice and warm, and it doesn't take as long to undress her when it is urgent.
• My Little BABY born® branded doll
• For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to mother-child role play
• The doll's body is made of waterproof fabric with soft and cuddly stuffing
• 32 centimetres long
• Suitable for babies and young children from 24 monthS
My Little BABY born® Potty Training with bathrobe. Includes potty and bottle.

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