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Get Rich Quick Card Game




Start Trading! Start Shouting! Get rich quick! Trade in diamonds, gold, oil, property,mining, shipping, banking and sport! It's the funniest game on the planet! The faster you trade the faster you win! BUT watch out for the Taxman!

If you've played the Billionaire card game, you'll know how to play Get Rich Quick...

How to Play "Get Rich Quick": There is no set order of play - simply shuffle cards according to the number of players, deal, then shout or trade your way to build up a full set of cards and make a billion dollar fortune. It's fun. It's frantic - and there's lots of twists - it's the game that makes you seriously rich!

• A Game for 3 to 8 players

• Ages 8 years and up.

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Price: $17.99 Each

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