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My Studio Girl My Precious Pal Assorted



Includes everything needed along with a child-safe plastic needle for easy and safe stitching.

Doll - 1 body front, 1 body back, 2 front legs, 2 back legs, 2 hair ribbons, 2 front arms, 2 back arms, 1 dress front, 1 dress back, 1 dress pocketBag - 1 bag ribbon, 1 bag flap, 1 bag front, 1 bag backBunny - 1 bunny front, 1 bunny back, 1 bunny flower3 coloured threads2 child-safe needlesEasy to follow instructions

Its a great way to teach your child to sew by following the easy instructions.
styles vary and will be picked at random

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Price: $9.99 Each
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