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Thunderbirds 3.75" Figure Assorted


Description: Thunderbirds Are Go The hit TV show is back, and kids are going to love to take on their own missions with these articulated Action figures Gordon Tracy loves to have fun and has a great sense of humour. Lives life to the fullest but seriouse when it comes to work. Often the loudest voice in the room John Tracy is in constant motion. Thriving in a high-pressure, multi-tasking environment. Serious, calls it like he sees it. Prefers the isolation of orbit Scott Tracy is the Team Leader. Bold and decisive decision maker. Fearless in Action. Oldest and most experienced Virgil Tracy is calm, level headed and thorough. Hes is the peacemaker in the family. Skilled in engineering and mechanics. Largest and strongest of the brothers. Alan Tracy is the youngest, but most naturally gifted pilot. Almost superhuman reflexes and intense focus. Enthusiatic and loves his job. Typical teenager he loves sleep almost as much as he loves helping people

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