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Yokai Watch Medallium Collection Book Pages




Enter the world of Yo-kai Watch, where invisible Yo-kai cause all the annoyances and embarrassments that follow us through our daily lives. Only the owner of the magical Yo-kai Watch can reveal and befriend them. Collect their special medals as symbols of friendship, then summon your favorite Yo-kai to join you on wacky adventures! Yo-kai Watch toys capture iconic characters and moments from the animation and game series, featuring 3 different ways to play: imagine summoning 100+ Yo-kai by inserting their unique medals into the Yo-kai Watch, collect medals in the Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book, or discover new ways to adventure by scanning medals using the Yo-kai Land app.

•Enter the wacky world of Yo-kai Watch!
•Discover, befriend, and summon mischievous Yo-kai characters!
•Collect them all!

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