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Crayola Creations Beadola Charm Maker

Code:28 0411

Description: Create beads and bracelets for your favourite memories. Wear them yourself, or share with friends. Use air-dry clay to create your beads, then add your own finishing touches with paint, gems and pattern plates that create 24 unique bead designs. Also includes 2 bracelet chains so you can share with a friend. Includes Beadola Bead Maker, 4 bead design plates, 25 stick-on gems, 2 bracelet chains, 180 grommets, bead punch, 4 glaze paint pots (glitter, gloss, silver, pink), paintbrush, 3 packs air-dry clay, 16 drying spools, instruction sheet and bead story guide.

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Price: $39.99 Each

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