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Qixels Kingdom Weapon Workshop



Prepare for Battle! Qixels Kingdom is at risk of total destruction! Savage trolls have attacked King Qixels' castle and are trying to take control of the land! Help defend your castle by creating powerful pixel weapons for the King's army. Make, spray and display your weapons in the Weapon's Workshop! This workshop station is fully compatible with templates from the Qixels Kingdom range. With metallic cubes found in this pack and everything you need to make, spray and play - all this Kingdom is waiting for is you!


800 X Qixels cubes
1 X Water Sprayer
2 X Cube Trays
6 X Design Templates
3 X PP Stands
3 X Display Base
5 X Plug in Accessories
1 X Fire Place Frame
1 X Weapon Stand
2 X Medium Floor/wall plates
1 X Build/swivel/dry unit
1 X Storage Tray Blister
1 X Instruction Booklet

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Price: $29.99 Each

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