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Schleich Horse Club Pick Up With Horse Box 42346



Schleich released the new Pick Up with Horse Box in 2016. The pick up truck is a hot pink colour, fitting the Horse Club theme by Schleich. Doors of the truck and horse box can be opened and closed for realistic play. The horse box has enough room to fit 2 Schleich horses in comfortably, and the roof can also be removed.

Includes: 1 Pick Up Truck, 1 Horse Box, 1 Friesian Mare, 1 Horse Carer (Exclusive), 1 Driver (Exclusive), 1 blanket, 1 saddle, 1 halter, 1 bridle, 2 brushes, 1 stack of hay, 1 bunch of carrots, a set of stickers and an instruction manual.

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Price: $149.99 Each

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