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Vtech Bedtime Bunny Comforter



Best for ages:
3 to 24 Months
Cute bunny with 3 ways to play: hand puppet, grab toy and soft comforter. Features detachable blanket and soft textured teethers.
Hug and play with the Bedtime Bunny Comforter! Two different modes offer lots of music and jolly sounds to keep your little one happy. Press the carrot button in Soothing Mode to hear relaxing melodies and sounds, or for jolly songs and sounds in Play Mode. Easily change it from a hand puppet to grab toy and soft comforter. Playful and soothing music, sounds and textures stimulate the senses or help your baby to relax. Bright eye-catching colours and flashing light are visually engaging and sing-along songs encourage interaction. Features a cuddly and machine washable detachable blanket, soft glowing light and soothing textured teethers.

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Price: $25.00 Each

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