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Qixels 3d Mega Refill Pack



From the makers of Beados comes this clever range of Qixels craftstruction kits for kids. Qixels are pixel bricks that fuse with a blast of water. Use the Qixel templates to create amazing designs one Qixel at a time. Design and create your own Qixel world with Qixel characters, Qixel monsters, Qixel animals, and with the Qixels 3D range you can even create buidling structures and nature scenes, the possibilities are endless.

Qixels S3 Mega Refill Pack comes with metallic Qixels cubes that also work with the Qixels 3D Maker kit.

Set Includes: 1200 x Qixel Cubes, 10 x Qixels Display Bases, Instruction Booklet

Suitable for Ages 5+

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Price: $19.99 Each

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