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Horrible Science Slippery Slime



The Horrible Science Kit is perfect for little Dr. Frankensteins who like a little ‘eeew!’ to their favourite subject!

Containing a pack of glow-in-the-dark slime, a glow-worm mould, plastic pot, fart pot, wriggly eyes and a measuring spoon, start growing your own wriggly glow worms. Read all about them in the disgustingly-interesting Horrible Science information leaflet!

From ghoulish science to freakish facts, create and understand some foul farting facts, where glow worms get their gleam and other revolting facts!

All of our pre-made slime products are safe to use and where boron is present, it is within the required safety limits.

  • Includes glow-in-the-dark slime, glow-worm mould, plastic pot, fart pot, wriggly eyes, measuring spoon and information leaflet
  • For children aged six years and over

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Price: $19.99 Each

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