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Schleich Bayala Star Companion With Feed 41452



Venuja and Femaja love their foals so much that they give them treats and adorn them with jewellery every day. Just look at the two foals racing across the meadows beneath the starry sky! Princess Venuja and Femaja love their little foals so much that they adorn them with jewellery and feed them handpicked herbs.
Fun Fact: Venuja has adorned her foal with genuine night pearls.
Functions: Removable ribbon and flower jewellery
Content: 1 x Femaja's butterfly foal, 1 x Venuja's pearl foal, 2 x ribbons, pink, 2 x flowers, purple, 1 x bunch of herbs
Suitable for age 3 yrs+

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Price: $24.99 Each

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