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Avengers Thor Ragnarok Hulk Titan Hero Electronic Figure


Description: Hulk suits up in gladiator armor to smash into combat as Gladiator Hulk! This Interactive Gladiator Hulk figure includes exciting phrases and action sound effects, as well as a Hulk fist-smashing feature! Press the button on Gladiator Hulk chest to hear a command from the gamma-green hero. Listen as the Gladiator Hulk figure declares, Hulk is grand champion! letting all who challenge him know of his legendary strength. The Interactive Gladiator Hulk figure also works with the Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Electronic Thor figure. When Interactive Hulk is near Electronic Thor, he recognizes and reacts to the God of Thunder, and says fun phrases like, Hulk friend! and No one is match for Hulk!. When these 2 figures get together, its a team-up thats out of this world!

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Price: $69.99 Each

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