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Disney Princess Ariel Color Change Spa


Description: Waves of color splash over Ariel at the Disney Princess Color Change Spa! Fill Ariel's shell-shaped tub with icy cold water. Place her tail in the tub to watch it change from teal to purple! Dip the loofah in the icy cold water and brush her tail and bodice to see their details change color. Her blue hair streak also changes color when brushed with water. The revealed colors disappear when the product dries, allowing girls to reveal and play again and again. Little dreamers will have oceans of fun switching Ariel's style with the changing colors, as they imagine her part of our world or under the sea!

Includes doll, skirt, tub, chair with seat-clip, vanity, perfume bottle and loofah sponge.

• Cold water reveals color on fin, tail, bodice, and hair
• Dip loofah in water to reveal colors on Ariel's tail
• Colors disappear when product dries
• Reveal colors again and again

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Price: $44.99 Each

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