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Marvel Black Panther Slash And Strike Figure



Equipped with Vibranium-grade technology, Black Panther slashes into combat. With this 13-inch-scale electronic Black Panther figure, kids can imagine the warrior hero, Black Panther, slashing into battle to defend Wakanda! At a towering 13-inch scale, this movie-inspired figure includes 20+ phrases and sound effects, and a pull-back feature that lets kids release the figure’s arm and send it slashing. Press the button on the figure’s chest to activate phrases including, “For Wakanda!” and “I am the Black Panther!”

  • Black Panther 13-inch electronic figure
  • 20-plus phrases and sound FX
  • Swing arm for slashing arm effects
  • Inspired by the upcoming Marvel film, Black Panther
  • Create Titan-sized action figure battles

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Price: $59.99 Each

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