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Chalk It Up The Claw Chalk Paint Roller Pack


Description: Great Claw roller design with chalk paint and tray. Perfect for rolling out bright artwork in an instant. Includes unique 3 roller claw applicator, 3 section paint tray, foam brush, stirrer and 6 chalk paint powder schets. For ages 3 and over, this new line by Colorific dries quickly and features bright neon colours. Claw Roller Pack creates bold exciting colours for paths, driveways and patios - just add water and stir to mix the paint and using the unique claw roller you can create a bright 3 colour pattern that can simply wash away with water!

Key Features:

  • Easy for all ages 3+
  • Add water and stir to mix the paint in the tray
  • Creates bold exciting colours for paths, driveways, patios etc
  • Unique 3 roller Claw applicator
  • Draw huge bright artwork in an instant
  • Dries quickly
  • Simply washes away with water, just use a hose or bucket to remove

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Price: $9.99 Each

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