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Rubik's Triamid



The Rubik's Triamid is not technically a "twisty puzzle," but it was given the Rubik name. The Triamid consists of ten pieces (which according to Jaap are truncated rhombic dodecahedra) and six cube-like connectors which hold them together into a tetrahedral shape. The idea is to pull the pyramid apart into two parts, one having six pieces and three connectors and one being the remaining four pieces in a smaller pyramid, then reorient the pyramid in one of eleven ways (twelve, if you count doing nothing).
One of the key features that makes the Triamid difficult to the untrained solver is the fact that about a third of the pieces' sides cannot be seen on a solved orientation because they are on the inside of the Triamid. Thus, you will see many colors that aren't important. To solve it, you must recognize which pieces are corners and which are edges, and then put the corners in their places, after which you can solve the edges. Because of its versatility in moves, the Triamid can be solved from any beginning position.

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