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Bendables Dc Comic Batmobile With Bendable Figures



This 10" Batmobile has all the extras that let Batman and Robin face down the enemies of Gotham and return safely to the bat cave.

1:24 scale replica of the Batmobile from the Classic TV Series includes bendable Batman and Robin figures in a sitting position. Please note that the wheels of this model are stationary.

The model comes in an attractive window box so that it can be clearly seen and enjoyed while on display. If you choose to take your Batmobile out of the box, you will be impressed by the detail. Even the underside of the car is molded to show the axles and exhaust system. The body is painted black with red trim. It has the batwing fins edged with red and red bat logos on each door. Each wheel has a tiny red bat figure molded on the center of the hubcap. Viewed from the front, you can see the bat face on the front edge of the hood. The emitter for the all-important Bat Ray just in front of the windshields can also be seen. The front headlights are painted yellow. Moving back along the toy car, you will find the canopy-style windshields both front and back. Behind the back windshields are mounted the three silver mortar pipes. Viewed from the back, you will see the rear jet flanked by the parachute bays. There is even a license plate painted with the number 2F-3567 and the legend "Gotham 1966." Inside the Batmobile, you find the fearless and bendable crime-fighting figures of Batman and Robin. These bendable figures are about 3 inches tall and replicate the characters played by Adam West and Burt Ward. These action figures fit snugly in the toy car and are strapped in with seatbelts. Although the bendable figures can be removed from the car, they are molded in the seated position. Their costumes are painted on and feature all the details you remember from the show including masks, belts, and capes. While seated in the Batmobile, the bendable Batman and Robin figures have access to many tiny tools. There are seatbelts and a detailed steering wheel. Between the seats is a tiny red fire extinguisher with the bat logo. There is also the all-important red Bat Phone with a coiled cord. At just under 10 inches long, it has all the impressive details that made the 1966 Batmobile so much fun to watch. Add in the intrepid Caped Crusaders, and you have everything you need to relive the classic series.

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