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Shopkins Lil Secrets Bedroom Hideaway


Description: The Shoppies are on their biggest little adventure yet! Discover the mysteries of their magical lockets and unlock a secret miniature new world! The bedroom where Rainbow Kate dreams is not all that it seems! Come to a slumber party full of surprises and discover a mini world of secrets and fun! With hidden worlds to explore, Rainbow Kate's bedroom hideaway is a place of slumber that's filled with tiny wonders! Includes a flip up movie theatre inside the pillow and a flip down hidden desk behind the closet. The playset comes with the exclusive Rainbow Kate Shoppie doll, a teeny Rainbow Kate and the mini Shopkin 'Sleepy Mask'.

  • Lil' Secrets Rainbow Kate's Bedroom Playset 2 in 1 playset opens to reveal a tiny bedroom Includes a teeny Shoppie & tiny Shopkin
  • Contains exclusive Rainbow Kate Shoppie, Will you find the deluxe secret bedroom?
  • Contents: 1 Playset, 1 Teeny Shoppie, 1 Tiny Shopkin, 1 Shoppie Doll, 1 Doll's Stand
  • Dimensions: 13.5L x 42.5W x 32H cm
  • Batteries Not Required

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Price: $49.99 Each

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