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Pimple Pete



  • Fun and funny family game: pimple Pete is a silly and exciting family game for 2 or more players. Play one on one and take turns “popping” pimples. The player who bursts the mega-zit is eliminated and the other player is the winner. Add more players for a pimple-popping competition. Earn points for each pimple you “pop” without exploding the mega-zit. The player with the most points is the pimple Pete champion
  • Exploding mega-zit: first, load all the squishy pimples into pimple Pete's face, then fill the mega-zit plunger with water. How carefully can you wiggle out and “pop” each fleshy pimple without upsetting pimple Pete. Some pimples are easy to pull out and others will take extra careful twisting and maneuvering. If you pull any pimple too hard, you risk setting off the mega-zit on his nose – and the pimple juice will spray your way

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