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Diy Hi Bounce Ball Kit



  • DIY Hi-Bounce Ball Kit Lets You Make and Create Your Own Bouncy Balls!
  • Simply Pour the Desired Coloured Powders Into the Mould, Lower the Mould Into Water and Let it Set!
  • The Neon Crystals Will Combine and Harden to Form Your Very Own Custom Bouncy Ball
  • Each Pack Includes:
    • 1 x 10g Blue Crystals
    • 1 x 10g Green Crystals
    • 1 x 10g Yellow Crystals
    • 1 x 10g Pink Crystals
    • 1 x 10g Orange Crystals
    • 1 x 10g Purple Crystals
    • 32mm Plastic Mould
    • Instructions
  • Each Box Makes 6 Neon Hi-Bounce Balls
  • Great for Kids Aged 5 and Up

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Price: $7.99 Each

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