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Treasure X 3 Pack



Digging for treasure is a classic play pattern kids love, and this nifty Treasure X Single Pack adds an extra dimension to play with collectible figures, treasure map and real gold hidden inside some of the three Treasure X blocks - will you score a piece of the real thing ?


  • The Treasure X 3 Pack is a classic dig for treasure toy with the added fun of getting a 1 in a 18 chance of finding real gold plated treasure - so take that excavation real slow.
  • This set includes :
    • 3 collectible characters
    • 3 Rock Vessels
    • 3 Weapons
    • 3 Tools
    • Treasure Chest
    • 3 Treasures
    • Map / Collector's Guide
    • 3 Medallions
    • Scrolls
  • Kids will enjoy having 24 different pirate figures to collect as well as 32 different treasures.
  • 1 in a 18 chance to recover treasure plated in real gold.

Perfect for little treasure hunters, the Treasure X 3 Pack will have them digging for hours.

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Price: $49.99 Each

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