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Floof Bucket


Description: Is it sand? Is it a cloud? Is it stuffing from your sister's teddy bear?

No - It's FLOOF!

Lighter than air and amazingly easy to mold and build with, this unique and wonderfully pleasant material will keep you exploring and constructing for hours on end.

Just feeling it squish between your fingers is a simultaneously therapeutic and thrilling adventure!

Build castles, build people, build all the things you wish you could see the clouds in the sky turn into...

Welcome to dough-construction heaven! - A.K.A. - FLOOF!

Floof Bucket

  • Bucket of fluffy cloud-like molding dough
  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, sensory exploration, relaxation, creativity, self-expression
  • Welcome to dough-construction heaven!
  • Astounding texture feels lighter than air, easy to mold, soft and smooth texture is soothing for the senses
  • Build whatever you want, store it back inside the reusable bucket storage container, and then build again and again!
  • Contains 240 grams of FLOOF
  • Easy to clean up any residue with damp cloth, product is water-soluble - Do not mix with water
  • Safe and non-toxic formula - Not for consumption
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