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Hexbug Nano Nitro Slingshot



Discover and experience an all new realm of fun with the HEXBUG® nano® Nitro™ Slingshot! This multi-tiered playset unlocks the world of nano to new and uncharted territories. Create customizable playgrounds for these industrious critters to explore. With easy snap together pieces; your imagination is the limit!

The nano Nitro is a micro robotic bug that once switched on, will skitter its way through any maze. Watch as it travels through levels, climbs twisting tunnels or chases a fellow nano Nitro in a race to the top! The HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot was designed to foster creativity, develop fine-motor skills, and fuel hours of amusement as it gets kids to think about the science behind the toy.

Adult assistance may be needed for assembly.

HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot is compliant with CPSIA standards.

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Price: $79.99 Each

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