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Floof Builder Set



Floof Builder Set is a lightweight, easy to clean pretend snow

The Floof Builder Set Box is flexible, moldable clay that mimics real snow and allows kids to mould anything. The safe and non-toxic floof clay is easy to clean up, just use a damp cloth and your kid can play with it over and over again.


  • The Floof Builder Set Box set includes:
    • Floof 150gm
    • Brick & Pebble roller & Handle
    • 2 scraper tools
    • 35cm x 25cm Play Mat
    • Flexible and moldable clay
  • Super soft and smooth clay, lighter than the air
  • Flexible and moldable clay
  • Made from safe and nontoxic formula
  • Can be reused and play over and over again
Floof Builder Set Box is an awesome set your little one will enjoy for hours.

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Price: $29.99 Each

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