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Wahu Airbladez Ryzer


Description: Young ones will love to play with this amazing flying disc. Its unique convex design contributes to its awesome flight.
Toss it and watch it rise high in the sky. It can be flexed to alter the trajectory and achieve maximum lift.
Ryzr features a turbulator design allowing for long-distance throws and is best played in large, open areas.
Kids can throw Ryzr flat and level (like a traditional flying disc) and release with a rapid spinning wrist-action.
For optimal rising action, they can throw Ryzr, so that it travels 1 and 2 ft. above a flat, hard surface (i.e., pavement).
Ryzr's flight path is affected by how it is thrown.
Watch it rise as it cuts through the air.

  • Suitable for ages: 6+ years

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