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Pikmi Pops Surprise Squeeze Ball Maker



Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops Squeeze Ball Maker lets you create your very own plush bubble squeezers!

Providing you with everything you need to create your own 3 custom bubble squeezers, Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops Maker is filled with squishy and glittery fun! Bubble Drops are bubble-blowing plush squeezers. The pack includes a maker, bubble balls, glitter fills, deco charms, water preservative tablets, an instruction booklet to guide you and even two exclusive plushies – a Pegasus and a Llamacorn. Just mix, fill, cover and squeeze. Get ready for an easy peasy squeezy-making fun time!


  • Pikmi Pops Squeeze Ball Maker comes with:
    • 1 Squeeze Ball Maker
    • 2 Exclusive Bubble Drop Onesies
    • 3 Bubble Balls
    • 6 Glitter Fills
    • 2 Deco Charms
    • 6 Gumball Vessels
    • 6 Water Preservative Tablets
    • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • Create your own plush bubble squeezer by mixing everything in the Squeeze Ball Maker, fill it up, lock it, cover then squeeze!
  • The bubble balls are reusable. Just empty them, rinse and fill them up all over again.
  • The bubble balls are compatible with plush onesies from other Bubble Drops collection (sold separately).
  • No batteries required.
  • Suitable for ages 5 years and up.

Get lost in your glitter-filled squeezy creations with the super squishy Pikmi Pops Squeeze Ball Maker!

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Price: $49.99 Each

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