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Siku Commercial Aircraft 5402


Description: Siku is reknown for their realistic replica vehicles. Each die-cast model is made to exacting standards and exceptional quality, and feature realistic detailing. The large SIKUWORLD commercial aircraft with two powerful engines is ready for boarding. But who is sitting where? The cabin staff just has to raise the front flap in the roof and assign the four passengers to their seats. The rear flap opens a stowage space for a favourite car, which can be brought along for the holiday. At full speed, the plane takes off, and the undercarriage can be retracted. Get ready for the landing a: Lower the undercarriage and switch on the landing light. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes. The aircraft has landed. The follow-me vehicle leads the aircraft to the aircraft marsheller to park at the precise position. The aircraft tractor with the tow bar is in position for the next departure. The perfect addition to the SIKUWORLD commercial aircraft is the new SIKU airport set. Ages 3+ years

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