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Jumanji The Game In Wood Box


Description: ring the adventure to life with Jumanji The Game, the real wooden box edition of the legendary board game. You and your band of brave adventurers suddenly find yourselves deep in a mysterious jungle full of secrets and surprises. Danger lies along your path, threatening to take away your 3 precious Life Tokens. Your goal is to reach Jumanji (the center) and call out its name, but beware: if any of your group runs out of Life Tokens, everyone loses! On each turn, roll dice and move along the path, using the Green Dome to reveal a riddle. Solve the riddle correctly and move an extra space. End your turn by drawing a Challenge card to see what difficulties Jumanji has in store for you. You might have to act out a story of your adventures, or race to solve a challenge. Be careful or you may lose a Life Token! Reach the center with at least one Life Token left per player and yell JUMANJI! youve just won for the whole group! Jumanji The Game Wooden Box Edition features real wood construction with a hinged, double lid, safely storing Jumanjis secrets until youre ready to play. For 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up

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