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Barbie Color Reveal Doll Tube



Barbie Colour Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises features 1 out of 5 mystery dolls and 4 bags that contain a pony hairpiece, accessories and an outfit!

Starring 7 super exciting surprises, Barbie Colour Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises fun starts with the packaging. After pulling the strip to take off the outer layer to reveal a clear tube that contains the white and purple-covered Barbie doll as well as 4 bags that hide more surprises, kids must swirl the mystery Barbie doll around in some warm water to reveal which doll they received complete with the doll's colour-change lips and surprise hair colour!

Each of the 4 included bags comes with its own secret surprise including a ponytail hairpiece, a black and white skirt, a pair of matching shoes plus a pair of earrings, making the Barbie Colour Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises an excellent gift for your Barbie fan!


  • Each Barbie Colour Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises pack comes with :
    • 1 Barbie Surprise Doll
    • 4 Packs of Surprise Doll Accessories
  • A total of 5 secret surprise dolls to collect with various combinations, theme, skin colours and accessories.
  • Let your child join and share with their friends as they mix and match accessories for their Babie doll!
  • Each doll also features colour-changing lips!
  • Package Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm x 33cm
  • Suitable for kids, ages 3 years old and older.

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Price: $27.99 Each

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