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Wahu Bluey Back Bubble



Wahu Bluey Back Bubble is made of multi-layer dense foam with an easy-to-adjust dual safety clip for comfort and security during swimming lessons!

Make paddling, splashing and swimming super-fun for your little Bluey fan with the Wahu Bluey Back Bubble! Your child can keep calm as they learn how to swim with their favourite TV character and a high-quality light bubble with a multi-layered constructed foam to allow mum or dad to take off a layer or two as their little Bluey fan build their confidence in swimming.

Complete with a dual safety clip that can easily be adjusted for a more secure and comfy fit, the Wahu Bluey Back Bubble will surely be a wonderful addition to your child’s luggage before heading to your family’s summer vacation at the pool or at the beach!

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Price: $24.99 Each

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