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Treasure X Ninja Gold Single



Treasure X: S6 Ninja Gold – Single Pack (Blind Box)

Discover the Land of the Ninja with Treasure X Ninja Gold! Take on 10 Levels of Adventure and try to find Real Gold Dipped Treasure! Begin your unboxing journey by creating your Power Sword. Use the Sword to slice open the seal and carve away the cool elemental wax to save your Ninja Treasure Hunter!

Now it's time to chop the block to reveal your hidden Treasure inside -will you find real Gold dipped treasure ?! Place your Treasure Medallion into your Power Sword's handle and display your Sword with your Treasure Hunter on his Stand! There is so much to explore and collect with Treasure X Ninja Gold! Can you master all six Elements of the Land of the Ninja each with bespoke swords and treasures!

There are also 16 new Ninja Treasure Hunter Action Figures to collect including a variety of finishes such as Glitter, Metallic and Crackle! Look out for Ultra Rare Ninjas with Glow-in-the Dark eyes! Each Treasure Hunter carries their own “Bling” in the form of a weapon! You will love unboxing this adventure toy as you slice and chop your way to mastering the Elements and hunt for Real Gold Dipped Treasure!


  • Cut and carve to save the ninja through an incredible 10-level adventure.
  • 16 ninja treasure hunters to keep and collect.
  • Discover different treasures, power swords and characters on your hunt.
  • Cut the block to reveal your treasure. Then build the stand to display your sword, treasure, and hunter.

Suitable for ages 5 years and up

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Price: $15.00 Each

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