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Hot Wheels Loop & Launch Track Set


Description: Hot Wheels Loop and Launch Track Set is an amazing racetrack full of twists and turns designed for all-day fun.
Pump up the excitement with this jaw-dropping track set from Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels Loop and Launch Track Set measures 57cm long with lots of ups, downs, twists and turns for non-stop action. Watch as kids, and their friends try to race each other in all the loops!

The Hot Wheels Track Playset inspires creative thinking, analysis and imagination. Kids will try to discover what makes the cars run fast. They will learn how gravity and other factors affect a car’s speed and acceleration. And with bright colours and an exciting design, this set is definitely a fun family affair. The set also comes with one toy vehicle for kids to start playing as soon as they open the box.

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Price: $44.99 Each

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