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Buddy Barney My First Calendar


Description: Our large magnetic MY FIRST CALENDAR is the perfect way to help children learn all about… ✔️ DAYS OF THE WEEK ✔️ MONTHS ✔️ SEASONS ✔️ WEATHER CONDITIONS ✔️ SPECIAL OCCASIONS Children will learn to love the daily routine of enquiring about the day and the weather conditions outside, in turn improving their communication and vocabulary skills. The extra large chart is bright and vibrant making it fun and engaging for children. Dimensions: 32 x 40cm It is super easy to use – just place the magnetic pieces onto the corresponding boxes. The unused magnets can be stored on the chart. Comes with rope attached at the top to enable the chart to be hung on the wall. It is also large and rigid enough to be simply leaned against a wall, on a table top etc.

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