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Ily Diy Scruncheeze Loom Kit



Activity Kings DIY Scruncheeze Loom Kit is an ideal DIY kit for kids aged 6+. Our ultimate kit packs everything you need to make 10+ scrunchies! Each kit includes 1 Scruncheeze loom, 7 pre-cut Fabric Strips, 4 Satin Fabric Strips, Fabric Glue, 2 Fabric Coated Elastic Cord, Elastic Cord, and 3 Trendy Charms! Easy-to- follow instructions are also included.

Our DIY scrunchee kit helps encourage great hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, visual, communication, and social skills, problem-solving, and stimulates other abilities necessary for healthy development.

Uncover your inner fashion designer and design your own scrunchies!

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Price: $19.99 Each

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