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Spirograph Scratch & Shimmer



Now you too can create your own glittery designs and unique pictures with the help of this sparkly Spirograph Scratch & Shimmer Set. Use the stylus tool, deluxe non-slip ring and glittery gears to scratch beautiful designs on the special coated paper! Add your own special touch to all of your designs with the sparkly or rainbow scratch stickers. This set can also be used with the classic Spiro pens and paper! This amazing set includes 1 drawing stylus pen, 1 deluxe non-slip ring, 6 glitter wheels, 8 sparkly scratch sheets, 1 sparkly sticker sheet, 8 rainbow scratch sheets, 1 rainbow sticker sheet, built-in storage tray and a 10 page design guide. Everything you need to create colourful Spirograph masterpieces! Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Product Features:

  • Glittery designs and unique pictures
  • 6 glitter wheels
  • 8 sparkly scratch sheets

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Price: $30.00 Each

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