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Tip Of The Tongue



Tip of the Tongue is a 2-second trivia game that requires you to think fast and the 'spit it out'! The questions seem easy in this fast-paced trivia game, but can you spit out the answer in two seconds flat? Loaded with an amazing 1,000 questions, it will have you tripping over your tongue sooner than you think!

Example Questions:

  • What kind of animal was Bambi's friend Thumper? A: Rabbit
  • Groundhog Day is the 2nd of what month? A: February
  • Name the hardest known gem? A: Diamond

* Answers are provided on the same question card.

Contents: 100 Question Cards, 30 Tokens, Travel Timer, Instructions.

Batteries: Requires 2 x "AA" batteries (not included).

A game for 2 to 6 players.

* Adult assembly required

Suitable for ages 12 years+

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Price: $34.99 Each

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