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Heroes Of Goo Jit Zu Dc Comics Super Hero Batman Pk



Your favorite DC characters have joined the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu to become the ultimate squishiest, stretchiest and gooiest Heroes ever! Bigger, better and stretchier!

Now all the action of Batman has been “Super Sized”! Supagoo Batman is MASSIVE! Standing at a HUGE 8” (20cm) tall. This amazingly big DC Superhero is ready to fight crime and save the day in a way never seen before! Just like other DC Heroes of Goo Jit Zu characters, he has a unique goo filled body, but bigger than ever!

Big and durable, Batman’s stretchy body can stretch up to 3 times its size and then return to its original shape! You will be amazed at how stretchy Batman’s jumbo body can be!

Discover a new way to play and save the day with these stretchy and squishy collectible toys


  • DC Superheroes and the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have combined forces bringing the ultimate line-up of the stretchiest, gooiest and squishiest Superheroes ever!
  • Batman is super squishy! Squeeze his body and see his bat-shaped goo filling bulge out!
  • Batman’s body stretches 3 times its size and returns back to its original shape!
  • Collect all the Goo Jit Zu DC Heroes

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