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Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers


Description: Melon Chomping Fun Enjoy a feeding frenzy with this electronic version of the Hungry Hungry Hippos game.

It's easy for an adult to assemble, and fun for kids to play.
Load the Launcher
Each player loads their 5 plastic melons into their launcher pad. Press, slide, then send them flying into the hippo's mouth.
Built-in Scoring
It's easy to keep score. After the hippo chomps down on a melon, it will roll back down the ramp of the launcher pad, right into the built-in counter. Get 5 in for the win!
2 Modes of Play
Slide the switch to choose to play Beginner mode, or Expert mode. The hippos' mouths can move slower or faster depending on a player's skill level.

Suitable Ages: 4+ years.

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Price: $34.99 Each

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