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Barbie Career Fast Cast Clinic Playset



Barbie Careers Fast Cast Clinic Playset features a doctor doll, 4 play areas, and 30 play pieces.

The doctor is in! With the Barbie Careers Fast Cast Clinic Playset, kids can help their doll treat and make patients feel better. There are four play areas: an exam table, a medical station, an X-ray machine and a gift shop. Children can even make casts for their “patient” (sold separately) with a realistic cast making facility and a bandage maker. There are also accessories with a clip so kids can make their Barbie doll hold them for a more natural role play.

The Barbie Careers Fast Cast Clinic Playset helps nurture your child’s dream and encourages their passion for caregiving. With plenty of accessories, it offers endless possibilities for storytelling and creative expression. It’s an excellent gift for girls ages 3 years and above.

  • Barbie doll stands tall at 30.40 cm, and wears a cute plaid dress, white doctor’s coat and holds a clipboard and stethoscope.
  • 30-piece set includes:
    • 3 dough containers (pink, purple, white)
    • Leg cast
    • Chelsea arm cast
    • Set of crutches
    • Stickers
    • X-rays
    • Gift shop items
    • And more
  • Four play areas: exam table, X-ray machine, medical station and gift shop
  • Children can make their cast using the dough, accessories and stickers for decoration
  • Bandage-making station for creating a wrap for injuries
  • Clip-on accessories so that doll can hold them
  • Gift for girls ages 3+ years old, especially kids who want to be nurses, doctors and caregivers.
Let children explore the beautiful world of caregiving with the Barbie Careers Fast Cast Clinic Playset.

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Price: $69.99 Each

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