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Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set


Description: Supercharge the battle strategy with Beyblade Burst Speedstorm tech!

Launch into a highspeed head-to-head in the official Beyblade Burst Speedstorm Motor Strike Beystadium by Hasbro -- the first motorized Beystadium in the Beyblade Burst line. At the center of the battle arena is the inescapable spinning Motor Vortex -- an energy zone designed to redirect the battle and give tops the ultimate energy boost.

Includes everything needed to battle: Beyblade Burst Speedstorm Motor Strike Beystadium, 2 right/left-spin launchers, and 2 right-spin Speedstorm battling tops.

Suitable for ages: 8+ years.

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Price: $109.99 Each

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