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Baby Alive New Mummy Kit


Description: Now your little ones can pretend to be a real mommy with the Baby Alive New Mommy Kit. This adorable kit features a portable and stylish diaper bag which transforms into a changing pad for when baby needs a diaper change on the go! The bag features two-sided carrying straps for easy transport and can hold all nine mommy-essential accessories including: two diapers, one snack jar, one baby spoon, one pack of play baby wipes with wipes, a onesie, one swaddle blanket, one pacifier, and one play key ring for when baby is teething! Use the cute onesie, baby wipes, and diapers to change your baby when things get messy! Don't forget to wrap her up in the colourful swaddle blanket and give her the pacifier when she cries! Your little one will always be prepared to take care of her baby doll with the Baby Alive New Mommy Kit.

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Price: $39.99 Each

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