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Zuru Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find



Discover the hidden dino fossil within a big Dino egg. Use the hammer provided to break loose the dino fossil and then fix the pieces together. See your dinosaur comes to live roaring and it's eyes light up. Join the adventure with Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find! Dig through rock, sand, and slime to find the dinosaur fossils. Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your dinosaur skeleton to life! Which prehistoric dinosaur will you find?


  • Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your dino skeleton to life!
  • Once assembled, this dinosaur skeleton comes to life! Pull on the dinosaurs tail to see its eyes light up and let out a fearsome dino roar!

    Notes & Tips:

  • Suitable for ages 3yrs and older.
  • Choking hazard: Contains small parts.
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    Price: $27.99 Each

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