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Sense & Grow Sensory Sand Play Station



The Sense & Grow Sensory Sand Play Station is the latest fun set in the line. The whole purpose of this series is to enable children to learn and grow all the while they are having a lot of fun.

What makes the Sense & Grow Sensory Sand Play Station such a great gift for a child is that it contains everything that they need to have fun right in the box. All kids love to play in the sandpit and this is like they have their very own special little sandpit The idea here is that children will be using their hand-eye coordination, creative thinking and due to being so hands-on, this is a real jolt to their senses that will make them think about the world around them and the way things look, feel and smell.

This set is made up of seven different items. There are two bags of sand! One of the bags is your standard play sand that children can sculpt and shape in all kinds of cool ways. It also comes with a bag of stretch sand! Stretch sand is awesome as they can do all kinds of crazy things with it! Also included are four different shapes that they can use to make patterns and structures. There is a square, circle, triangle, and octagon. The actual “box” that this all comes in can be used for them to play with the sand in and it also serves as a great place to keep all of the items stored safely.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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Price: $34.99 Each

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