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Play-doh Slime Feathery Fluff Whimsical Unicorn Yellow & Orange


Description: Wait until you get your hands on this wacky and whimsical sensory toy! The fun starts as soon as they tear open the pinata box filled with 2 cans of Play-Doh Slime Feathery Fluff compound and lots of fun mix-ins. The ultra-lightweight, super fluffy compound feels like a big cotton ball in your hands and colourful glitter, shiny beads, and fun charms make it even more fantastically fun! Kids will love this set for party favours, prizes, and small gifts.

Unicorn Piniata comes with 2 cans of play-doh slime Llama Piniata comes with 2 cans of play-doh slime (orange and yellow).

Ages 4 years and up.

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Price: $8.99 Each

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