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Kinetic Sand Slice N' Surprise


Description: Create and reveal incredible surprise sand designs with the Kinetic Sand Slice N’ Surprise Set!

This Kinetic Sand set has everything you need to customize your sand surprises: 4.5oz each of black, pink, and blue Kinetic Sand, and seven tools and molds!

Unbox your Slice N’ Surprise Set and discover all the different ways to play. Fluff the sand and fill the cylinder mold, then use the starburst or circle core tool to remove the center. Empty out the core tool and stamp it in the Kinetic Sand to layer different colors. Place it back inside the cylinder and repeat the process with the other core tool. Fill it with a single color, mix sand together or layer Kinetic Sand inside! Squish the sand with the plunger and get ready for the exciting reveal! You can open the cylinder carve out your surprises with the carving tool or continue squishing with the plunger. As the Kinetic Sand comes out of the cylinder, slice with the knife to uncover your unique sand designs! Then layer, carve and slice again and again – it’s so much fun!

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Price: $19.99 Each

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